• Why is it ‘Gaol’ as opposed to ‘Jail’?

    Gaol is the original and official English spelling of the word and Jail is the American version.

  • Was capital punishment used in the Adelaide Gaol?

    Yes, both capital and corporal punishment in the form of floggings or whippings were used until the early 1960s. Although these forms of punishment were not used after the 1960s, the law wasn’t repealed until 1976.

  • What was the maximum number of prisoners held in the Gaol?

    In the early 1960’s the Gaol held a total of 440 prisoners.

  • How many people have been hanged in the Adelaide Gaol?

    A total of 45 people including one woman were hanged in various locations around the Gaol.

  • When was the Adelaide Gaol built?

    George Strickland Kingston drew up the plans for the Adelaide Gaol in May 1840. The contractors, Borrow and Goodiar commenced construction in July 1840.

  • Is the Gaol haunted?

    Over the years there have been many recorded and documented incidents of paranormal activity at the Gaol. These paranormal activities are continuing to this day.

  • When did the Gaol close?

    The Gaol closed as an operating facility on 4 February 1988.

  • Am I able to visit the Adelaide Gaol?

    Yes, the Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. runs a variety of tours relating to the Adelaide Gaol’s history and paranormal activity. Refer to our Visit Us page for more details.