One of the two oldest public buildings in Adelaide.

Adelaide Gaol is claimed to be the most haunted site in SA.

A place of execution.

Between the Walls.

“Definitely one of the things to do in Adelaide…”

  • Visit the Adelaide Gaol for a guided tour. The Gaol is a major part of Adelaide’s heritage.
  • The Gaol’s history extends from the time of the early settler’s right through to today. As one of the two oldest public buildings in Adelaide, the Gaol has much to offer every visitor.
  • Treat your visit as a learning experience and find out about Adelaide’s penal history or learn about the Gaol’s architecture.
  • You can hear some of the fascinating stories of the Gaol’s prisoners and their life behind bars.
  • The Adelaide Gaol is said to be the most haunted site in South Australia.
  • You may prefer a more chilling night visit to the Gaol on one of our regular Ghost Tours where you will hear about many of the Gaol’s ghostly activities.
  • For the more adventurous you could attend one of our Paranormal Workshops and learn even more about the Gaol’s paranormal activities.

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The Return of Tours!

We’re back with our famous tours

The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. (AGPS) are delighted to announce the return of our famous, original and authentic

  • Ghost Tours
  • Twilight Tours
  • Paranormal Workshops
  • History Tours

All of these tours will be reinstated from November 2015.

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Adelaide Gaol Tours

Why take an AGPS Tour of the Adelaide Gaol?

We are long established as the premier tour experience at the Adelaide Gaol. We only conduct tours at the Gaol, which means our efforts are focused solely on bringing you the best possible tour for this location.

The AGPS have conducted tours at the Adelaide Gaol for more than 25 years and in that time our guides have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our guides are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They also have considerable firsthand experience with the Gaol’s extensive paranormal phenomena. This experience has been gained while conducting thousands of tours over many years. Our guides are all volunteers; they have a love for the Gaol and its many characteristics. The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society conducted the original and authentic Adelaide Gaol Tours and is not affiliated with any privately run Gaol tour operator.

Our focus is to bring you a genuine, value for money tour.

What can you expect on a tour?

Ghost Tours

Paranormal Workshops

Virtual Tours

Twilight Tours

History Tours

James Albert Coleman – Executed 2 July 1908

Adelaide, South Australia 1908"Coleman, how do you plead, Guilty or Not Guilty for being intoxicated in a Public place?"''Sir, I am not guilty! I do not deserve this kind of treatment."''Mr Coleman you were found drunk in a public place and Constable Ring has arranged...

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A glimpse into the past…

A Picturesque Penitentiary. (By an Eye Witness - 1878.)"What I have seen permit me to relate." One of the objects in a small city about which is reputed the largest amount of interest is usually the gaol. The very word associated as it is with so many tales of sorrow,...

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