Ghost Tours

We pride ourselves on having the largest collection of original, authentic and spooky stories relating to the Adelaide Gaol. These stories have been gathered over 25 years of running tours at the Gaol. You will get to hear about the hangings, the burials and the many ghosts who continually wander the Gaol’s premises.

You may even get to contact one of our ghostly inmates!

These tours have explicit adult information and are often frightening. Therefore, they may not be suitable for under 16 year olds or those with a sensitive disposition. However, if an under 16 year old wishes to attend they must be accompanied by an adult and will pay the full price.

Ghost tours are about 2 hours duration and have a maximum of 20 people on each tour.

Price $30.00 per person. (No concessions)

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Twilight Tours

We also run Twilight Tours for the more faint hearted and those under 16 years of age. These tours include a mixture of history and paranormal stories.

Twilight tours are modified, especially for a younger audience and are suitable for any age group.

Duration of these tours is about 90 minutes and some of the more grisly content has been removed.

A maximum of 20 persons are booked for each tour.

Price is $25 per adult and $18 per child under 12 years. Children under 2 years are free entry.

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Paranormal Investigations/Workshops

For the devotee of the paranormal we have our Paranormal Workshops leading to our Paranormal Investigations. These have been developed by the Adelaide Gaol’s original paranormal investigator, Jeff Fausch, who was the co founder of Paranormal Field Investigators. Jeff has developed and trained a team of investigators who concentrate on the large amount of phenomena occurring at the Adelaide Gaol.

These Workshops usually last for about 4 hours and we accept a maximum of 12 visitors per workshop. Workshops and investigations can be tailored to suit your requirements and prices would be adjusted accordingly.

Price per person $65.00

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History tours

Guided History Tours are available either during the day or evening. We can tailor your tour to include morning or afternoon tea, a lecture on the history of the Gaol or specific aspects of the Adelaide Gaol site.

History Tours are usually about 90 minutes in duration although this can be adjusted depending on your requirements. They are suitable for all ages.

Even though we accept a maximum of 30 persons per standard tour we are able to handle larger numbers. Please phone us to organise your larger group. Contact details are on our Contacts page.

Price $20 per adult, $14 per child under 12 years. Children under 2 free entry.

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Virtual tours

Prepare yourself for an exciting experience! Take a virtual tour of the Adelaide Gaol.

Do you have what it takes to:

  • Experience life behind bars!
  • Become a prisoner and see life from the “inside”.
  • Serve your time and lose your freedom

View some areas of the Adelaide Gaol and prepare yourself for the real thing then, when you are ready, come and experience the Adelaide Gaol in person by doing a “real time” tour.